Welcome to Tea Dogu !

We have been experiencing problems with an attempt to move our website to a new provider. Unfortunately, when the order history was entered into the new store, the new site took them as new orders and send confirmation emails to everyone.

Let me assure you that these orders were removed from our system and that these new orders are no longer in place. Also, our website never stores credit card information, and no charges were made for any of these orders. These emails are benign and do not represent new orders.

Again, my apologies for any concern or inconvenience these emails may have caused you.

Eric Lane


Tea Dogu is a place to explore and find tools, implements, tea and sweets used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony. It can also be very useful for anyone having a strong admiration of the Japanese motif. Please enter our website and explore!

IPPODO: We are now carrying tea from Ippodo. This tea company is known as one of the best in Japan, and offers a wide variety of matcha, as well as loose-leaf green teas and tea-bag green teas. Our new shipment has arrived, so check it out!