Book: Chanoyu Quarterly, Issue #48

Book: Chanoyu Quarterly, Issue #48
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Although the Chanoyu Quarterly is no longer published, some issues are available. This publication, which was printed from 1970 to 1999, was an informative and scholarly publication (in English) and covered a variety of topics related to Japanese Tea Ceremony.

The issues listed here are available from us. Many subsequent issues may also be available. We purchase unwanted copies of this and other related publications that are in good condition. Email us to check on availability or if you have questions.

Issue No. 48 1986 - Remembrances of my Father and Mother — by Sen Sôshitsu XV - Purity and Purification in the Nampo Roku — by H. Paul Varley - Equality Before the Muse as Seen in Haiga — by Leon M. Zolbrod - Chanoyu: A Mediator of Bi-hemispherical Interaction — by Penelope Harris - Kagetsu and the Shichiji-Shiki - Temae — Tea Procedure: The Basic Rules and Principles of Kagetsu - Book Reviews: • Yukiko and Robert Haydock, Food in a Japanese Mood (Larry Sokyo Tiscornia) • Kunio Ekiguchi, Gift Wrapping: Creative Ideas from Japan (Donna Fargnoli-Helzer).