Book: Chanoyu Quarterly, Issue #40

Book: Chanoyu Quarterly, Issue #40
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This book is one of a series of 88 issues published on the practice of Tea Ceremony by the Urasenke Foundation from 1970 to 1999.

The contents of this 1984 issue include: Just Being Not Angry by Sen Soshitsu XV The Beginnings of Chanoyu in America by William Thrasher, with Caroline Graboys A Tea Master's Vision of the Ten Oxherding Pictures, Part IV by Hamamoto Soshun Appropriateness, The Key to Tea Etiquette by Tsutsui Hiroichi Book Reviews: Janine Beichman, Masaoka Shiki (Amy Vladeck Heinrich) / William R. LaFleur, The Karma of Words: Buddhism and the Literary Arts in Medieval Japan (Sonja Arntzen / Hiroaki Sato, One Hundred Frogs: From Renga to Haiku to English (Darold D. Braida) / Yoneda Soei, Good Food from a Japanese Temple (Larry Tiscornia) / Sherman E. Lee et al., ...Reflections of Reality in Japanese Art (Martha J. McClintock) / James A. Michener, The Floating World (Gail Capitol Weigl) / Burton Watson, tr., Grass Hill: Poems and Prose by the Japanese Monk Gensei (Nicholas J. Teele)

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