Chanoyu Quarterly, Tea And the Arts of Japan, No.83

Chanoyu Quarterly, Tea And the Arts of Japan, No.83
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CHANOYU Quarterly, Tea And the Arts of Japan, No. 83

Although the Chanoyu Quarterly is no longer published, some issues are available. This publication, which was printed in 88 isues from 1970 to 1999, was an informative and scholarly publication (in English) and covered a variety of topics related to Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Table of Contents: • Autobiograpgy Essay 13- Active Duty Drawing Near, by Soshitsu Sen XV • Photo Essay- Chanoyu Gathering of the Hokikai Club • Uta-Mei: The Poetic Name of Tea Utensils, By Yagi Ichio • Japanese Gardens: The Art of Improving Nature, by Saito Yuriko • Tamae- Tea Procedure: Yogohan Ro Nagashidate • Book Review: J Thomas Rimer, ed, Kyoto Encounters (Diane Durston)

This book is an excellent adition to your library if you are interested in or studying the Japanese Tea Ceremony. An index to all 88 issues is available.

This book is paper bound, and is published in English (with a little bit of Japanese) by the Urasenke Foundation. It has many photographs, and is in almost-good condition.