Book: Chanoyu Quarterly, Issue #42

Book: Chanoyu Quarterly, Issue #42
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Although the Chanoyu Quarterly is no longer published, some issues are available. This publication, which was printed from 1970 to 1999, was an informative and scholarly publication (in English) and covered a variety of topics related to Japanese Tea Ceremony.

The issues listed here are available from us. Many subsequent issues may also be available. We purchase unwanted copies of this and other related publications that are in good condition. Email us to check on availability or if you have questions.

Issue No. 42 1985 – One sided Tea People — by Sen Sôshitsu XV – Some Thoughts about Chanoyu — by D.T. Suzuki – Kan’ei Culture — by Kumakura Isao – Furuta Oribe— by Murai Yasuhiko - Temae— Tea Procedure: Shunju-dana - Book Reviews