Chawan: Hagi Ware, Hand Shaped Tea Bowl

Chawan: Hagi Ware, Hand Shaped Tea Bowl
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Product Description

This is a very high-grade tea bowl of Japanese Hagi ware made at the famous Seiga Kiln. A thick white decorative glaze covers the bowl with additional green and purple glazes poured on it. This style of Hagi ware is called "Oni-Hagi".

Hagi Ware is a type of Japanese pottery most identifiable for its humble forms and use of translucent white glaze. It originated in the early 17th century with the introduction of potters brought back from Korea.

Potters mix different types of local clay. The most standard result is a dark pink-orange color, called Korean clay. Wares are formed on the wheel and decorated with translucent glazes made of feldspar and ash.

The seal of the potter is on the bottom of this bowl. The original wooden box with the potter’s signature is also included. Size: 4.7" (12.0cm) diameter x 3.1"(8.0cm) high. Condition: New.