Chawan: Bizen Ware Tea Bowl

Chawan: Bizen Ware Tea Bowl
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Product Description

Bizen pottery is most well known for the beauty of its clay, and that glazes are not used on it. Instead the clay and the process by which it is fired create the unique and beautiful finishes.

This Bizen Chawan has a particularly deep tone from the clay rich in iron. With Bizen ware, pine istypically used as the main fuel in the kiln, and the pottery is baked for one to two weeks. There are mainly four locations that make Bizen ware: Goma ,Hidasuki, Sangiri and Tamadare.

Six main areas of kiln exist in Japan from the Kamakura period. Bizen is one of these areas with the ancient kilns; The fire has been continuously producing without letting it out for over 1000 years. Many main area of kiln has lost the activity by Momoyama Era. In it, the beauty of Bizen ware as evaluated by "Sen no Rikyu" that has enabled it to continue as a desired form, even up to the present.

Condition : Very Good.

Width: 5.1-inches (13cm)