Kompeito: Star-Shaped Sweets, Small, 50 g

Kompeito: Star-Shaped Sweets, Small, 50 g
Item# HGS-004

Product Description

Kompeito 金平糖 (Portuguese confeito) are sweets originally brought to Japan in the early 1500s. Luis Frois, a Portuguese Jesuit, presented a glass flask of the sweets, a rarity in Japan which did not have refined white sugar, and thereby established kompeito as a prestigious gift. The Imperial family still gives kompeito in bonbonniere as welcome gifts to visiting dignitaries and as commemorative gifts on auspicious occasions. In chanoyu, kompeito are mainly used as the sweet for chabako "teabox procedure" and are served in little ceramic shakers (called furidashi "shaking out").

The sweets are kept in a ceramic furidashi, and are served instead of other tea sweets. Each package contains 50 grams of the sweets.

You may have seen these in the film “Spirited Away”, by Hayao Miyazaki; this is what Kamaji feeds to the little soot sprites, called Susuwatari.