Kukicha: Superior Grade Japanese Green Tea

Kukicha: Superior Grade Japanese Green Tea
Item# TEA-010

Product Description

Kukicha: Superior Grade Japanese Green Tea
Kukicha (pronounced koo-kee-CHA )is Japanese, comprised mostly of stems from the tea leaf itself. It yields a light cup of green tea with a distinctly toasty, Japanese flavor. Fine Kukicha is from small stems and bits of leaf removed from leaves used to make sencha, gyokuro, or tencha, which is the grade of leaf used in production of matcha.

Kukicha is lower in caffeine than most green teas, as there is little leaf involved. Known for its aromatic properties, Kukicha is best used when brewed in water that is hotter than that generally used for green teas. This higher temperature brings out the aroma.

Our Kukicha is from Shizuoka Prefecture, slightly south and west of Tokyo.

BREWING INSTRUCTIONS (8 oz. serving) 1. Scoop a slightly heaping teaspoon of tea leaves into your infuser. 2. Heat water to 190 - 200 (just before boiling). 3. Pour 8 oz. of water over tea leaves. 4. Steep tea for 1-2 minutes (depending on taste preference). 5. Remove infuser and enjoy tea.