Chawan: Kyo Ware Tea Bowl

Chawan: Kyo Ware Tea Bowl
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Kyo ware is the pottery made in the Kyoto area. This includes Kiyomizu ware, Awataguchi ware, Ninnaji ware, and a few others. Kyo ware pottery made at the Kyo kiln, centered on the Higashiyama area from the early 17th century is the typical style designated a Kyo-yaki or Kyo ware. Raku ware, which started in the Momoyama Era (16 century), is not considered Kyo ware.

Tea ceremony was the driving force for most of the Kyo ware efforts. Much of Kyo ware is white porcelain clay with painted designs. This bowl uses stoneware clay, but the design is very reminiscent of many Kyo style tea bowls.

Condition: Used, but in very good condition