Mae-Gawara: Front Tile for Furo, Large

Mae-Gawara: Front Tile for Furo, Large
Item# TIL-004

Product Description

This tile is used to partially cover the front opening of a furo or binkake. It helps channel the air to keep the fire going, and is also a decorative piece. It comes in large (11 cm, 4-1/4") and small (10 cm, 4") sizes, and are also in red.


white,large: 12x8.5cm used for Karakane(Copper and earthenware product except iron Douan-buro)

red,large : 12x8.5cm used for Iron Douan-buro

white,small: 10x7cm used for Karakane Kimenn-buro or Chousen=buro

red,small: 10x7cm used for Iron

white,Benibachi: 8.5x6.5cm used for Benibachi