Chawan: Mino Ware (Oribe) Tea Bowl

Chawan: Mino Ware (Oribe) Tea Bowl
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The Mino area is famous for the pottery of Shino, Oribe, Yellow Seto “Kiseto”, and Black Seto “Setoguro. These areas are northwest of Kyoto, near Nagoya, with their center at Toki city and Tajimi city. Mino-yaki is mostly known for their pottery for the tea ceremony.

It is impossible to draw a clear line between Shino ware and Oribe ware, though one may say that the primary Shino glaze is feldspathic, while Oribe ware is known for its use of green and grown glazes based on copper compounds. This tea bowl has many of the characteristics of an Oribe piece with its simple green section.

Condition: Used (50-60 years old), but in very good condition