Chawan: Otafuku Tea Bowl with Wooden Box

Chawan: Otafuku Tea Bowl with Wooden Box
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excellent condition !! unused !!This special tea bowl is used primarily for the setsubun festival in February. I like to use it year round to give my guests a surprise: they don’t see the young girl’s face till after they start drinking the tea.

The festivals of February begin with setsubun, a custom older than a thousand years. Setsubun is held around February 3rd to mark the last day of winter and to welcome the spring on the lunar calendar.

After everyone has returned home for the day, they open all the windows and doors in the house. Then taking roasted soybeans, daizu, from a masu, a square wooden measuring box, they toss them around the rooms and out of the doors and windows, shouting oni wa soto, fuku wa uchi, "Out with the demons, in with good fortune."

The following day is Risshun, the first day of spring. The demon, oni, of all the year's bad luck has been driven out by Otafuku, personifying good luck for the next year

Size: 4.96" (12.6cm) wide x: 5.12" (13cm) depth x 2.95” (7.5 cm) high Condition: Excellent and unused.